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Tired Of Being Ignored By Your Doctor?

Do you wait an hour to spend five distracted minutes with a doctor who doesn’t seem to care about your personal healthcare needs?  Does your doctor run a few tests and then tell you that you are fine, even though you know that something is “off”? Do you feel like your doctor would rather just prescribe to you the same pill he gave the twenty patients he saw before you?

 …but a single pill can’t fix everybody.  You are a unique individual with unique health needs and concerns.  At Healing Point Wellness, you will be guided through the difficult maze of health options.  You will receive a personal healthcare experience carefully designed to meet your needs and address your unique concerns.



"...very professional, caring, and gets to the root of the problem"
"...helped me with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression. If only Western doctors were this thorough. Julie also got me to be more active in my health. With Julie's care, my outlook on life has improved a lot."
--Judy B.


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